Glass Globe Full Ceramic Funnel Atomizer


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The Glass Globe Full Ceramic Funnel Atomizer has made a huge entrance in the vape world, works much better than other globes!

  • High quality, and superior engineering! Full Ceramic Funnels are the way to go.
  • Heavy Duty/Thick Glass!
  • Replaceable Heating Coil

Will work with all of these vaporizers:

– Micro G Pen

– Atmos Thermo

– Cloud Classic Vape

– Sutra Pen

– Dab Master 710

– Power Pen

– Pulsar Ninja

– Perfection Pen

?? and many more!


Please Note

  • All atomizers on the market have heating elements that are delicate, do not touch the heating coil directly with any type of tool or pick.
  • Do not hold the button down excessively, as with all atomizers, this will cause the coil to overheat and burn out prematurely.
  • The coils are rated at about 500 hits by the manufacturer. We have no control over how long your coils last. Some last for months, some last for days. It is impossible for us to predict as every individual???s application will vary and many factors will have an affect on your coils. Everyone uses their coils differently, with different materials, and at different frequencies.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON USED COILS!

Take advantage of our wholesale prices on these micro vape atomizers, and avoid paying more for the same product.

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