Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible

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Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible is a great atomizer with different coil options as well as a hydro tube bubbler attachment too!


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The Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible atomizer from Crossing is an advanced 510 thread temp control compatible rebuild able atomizer that comes equipped with a quartz dish/crucible powered by a ceramic donut heater at the base, and features innovative vortex top airflow system.

The cartridge itself is constructed from a premium stainless steel from top to bottom, making it ultra durable. It separates into two parts (mouthpiece & base) that are tightly sealed together with two silicone o-rings.
It’s mouthpiece sports dual top airflow ports that are angled towards the center of the atomizer from either side to create a whirlwind effect that promotes big and ultra smooth vapor production.
The base is built with an intricate heat stink system that allows for those long vaping sessions without quickly over-heating. Crossing also designed it with a dual post deck that makes rebuilding your coil a quick and extremely simple process.
Each coil consists of a fast heating ceramic donut element with quartz glass cup and stainless steel clip that holds the two together. Two pins connect to the ceramic spacer, fit perfectly inside the dual post deck and are securely held in place with two micro screws.
The premium ceramic element heats up quickly and retains heat well. The V4 Crucible’s pure glass quartz cup keeps your concentrate completely separate from the other parts of the coil for extremely flavorful results that will be hard to beat.
It is recommended to heat the Quartz Crucible V4 in Ni Temperature Control at around 33W/500??F. For best results start at a low output and slowly work your way up to find that perfect mix of vapor and flavor for the type of oil you’re working vaping.

Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible

The Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible has a couple coil options as well as a hydro tube bubbler option which is nice to change it up every now and again



    • 22mm atomizer for concentrates with DIY rebuildable coil
    • 100% authentic Divine Crossing brand guaranteed
    • Collaboration between Divine Tribe and Crossing
    • Dimensions: 54.5mm (h) x 22mm (w)
    • Premium and durable stainless steel construction
    • Utilizes ceramic base donut heating element system with quartz cup
    • Easy to build dual post deck (for advanced users)
    • Advanced heat sink prevents overheating
    • Removable 18mm drip tip
    • Innovative vortex top airflow design
    • Works well w/ Ni temp control on most regulated mods
    • Recommended 33w at 500??f output
    • Results vary with different devices/firmware
    • Start at low output and work your way up for best results
    • Gently clean with cotton swab after each use for maximum lifespan
    • Set includes packing tool, screwdriver, spare coil parts and screws

Available Coils Types: (sold separately)

In Box:

  • V4 Quartz Crucible
  • 2x Quartz Crucible/Ceramic Donut Coils (1 Pre-installed)
  • Stainless Packing Tool
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • Extra Atomizer Pin
  • 4x Extra Screws
  • User Manual


  • The coils are rated at about 500 hits by the manufacturer. We have no control over how long your coils last. Some last for months, some last for days. It is impossible for us to predict as every individual???s application will vary and many factors will have an affect on your coils. Everyone uses their coils differently, with different materials, and at different frequencies.
  • Before Using:
    Before using this item, please inspect it and notify us of any issues right away, and we will work to resolve them promptly. Please note that once the coil has been filled, the item is no longer able to be sent back and we will not be able to offer a return under any circumstances after it has been used. There are no exceptions to this policy, and we thank you in advance for understanding.

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