CORE SiC Cup Coil


CORE SiC Cup Coils are worth every penny. If you enjoy flavor these coils are for you! Also fit the Sai Plus


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CORE SiC Cup Coil have finally arrived! These SiC Coils will replace the original coil in the Sai Plus atomizer & the CORE!

SiC Silicone Carbide  Has a very high thermal capacity and can be used safely at any temperature you can heat it to with conventional methods  (blowtorch or a coil). This means it takes a little while to heat but retains huge amounts of it. This property makes it the best material available for huge clouds of vapor since the airflow has a minimal cooling effect on the material. Silicone Carbide provides excellent flavor, similar to that of quartz however has a slightly more rounded profile and even smoother vapor at the same temps. It is the easiest material to clean as it is resistant to staining and chazzing (burned material sticking to it).

CORE SiC Cup Coil

In addition to the CORE SiC Coil, we also carry the regular sized model & accessories!

Sai Atomizer/Sai Coils/Hydrotube/The storm/The Posiedon/Ez Battery/Ez Kits/The Posiden Bundle as well as Replacement Orings & Mouthpiece caps all available now!



  • Silicone Carbide Bucket
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits CORE, Sai Plus
  • Use in temperature control Ni, between 30-50W, and 380-450F or, the Green Setting on your CORE

Available Coils Types for the CORE: (sold separately)

  • Titanium Bucket Coil
  • Quartz Bucket Coil
  • Stainless Steel Quartz Rod
  • Triple Titanium Quartz Rod
  • Triple Titanium Black Ceramic Rod
  • Donut
  • Dual Twist Kanthal Quartz Rod

In Box:

  • SiC coil for the CORE/Sai Plus
  • All three parts are included: Donut coil/SiC bucket/Top


We have no control over how long your coils last. Some last for months, some last for days. It is impossible for us to predict as every individuals application will vary and many factors will have an affect on your coils. Everyone uses their coils differently, with different materials, and at different frequencies.

  • Before using this item, please inspect it and notify us of any issues right away, and we will work to resolve them promptly. Please note that once the coil has been filled, the item is no longer able to be sent back and we will not be able to offer return under any circumstances after it has been used. There are no exceptions to this policy, and we thank you in advance for understanding.

Authorized Distributor!

This is a REAL Saionara Product by SZ Crossing, not re-branded by Humboldt Vape Tech HVT, MaxVapor, Divine Tribe, Atmos or Crossing California.

*Brand New & Shipped Carefully/Discreetly, keeping your privacy in mind*

*Feel free to contact us if you would like check stock or to place special order*

There are 3 Sai models: Regular Sai, Top flow Sai & Sai Plus.

The Sai plus is larger and only takes Sai plus coils.

The top flow uses all coils except the plus since they are larger.

The regular/original sai uses all coils except bucket styles & plus. The bucket coils require the top air flow to work.

*The CORE uses PLUS coils ONLY


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