Carb CapsGlass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool

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Carb Caps – Glass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool is a great colorful addition to any collection!

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Carb CapsGlass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool. Carb caps restrict airflow to increase vapor production while dabbing. Carb Caps are an essential tool when it comes to dabbing, as it helps you to maximize your titanium or quartz nail’s potential; they also provide the best flavor return possible from your concentrates. Carb Caps are available in glass, quartz or titanium designs, and they work to trap in the heat received from your butane torch and electric nail or ‘E-nail’ setup. Low temp dabs are the best way to get the most flavor out of your terpenes, and carb caps provide the ideal way to control the level of heat retention.

Carb CapsGlass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool as well as quartz bangers are go-to ?s for flavor-chasing dabbers.

In addition to the Carb CapsGlass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool we also carryvariety of Dabbers/tools, Bangers, Downstems, Male to female/female to male Joints and finally Slick products for all your dabbing needs! There are may carb caps to choose from!

What exactly doesCarb Cap do?

Whatcarb cap does is createchamber with restricted airflow for your concentrates to vaporize within. Most carb caps havesingle hole which helps to create suction within the chamber, and this in turn producesvortex that helps cool down both the air and vapor trapped inside.

Like nails, carb caps can be made of either titanium, ceramic, glass or quartz. The type you choose depends on personal preference since they all function the same, and you will learn as you experiment that despite your first few tries-you will in fact get the timing right.

A glass carb cap will help you get the most out of your oil rig and concentrates. Watch your dab turn milky white as soon as your drop the dab cap on the banger. It’s no wonder thatgood dab cap has become the most essential accessory for dabbers.

Directional Carb Caps

Directional carb caps will elevate your experience to the next level by allowing you to push air into the hard to reach areas of your banger. As of late, directional airflow has definitely taken over as the recommended dab cap for most dabbers. We offer many different styles of this type of carb cap.

Great colorful addition to any collection!


  • Prevent Vapor Loss
  • Hand Blown
  • Made with Borosilicate Glass
  • Vaporizes More Efficiently
  • Retains More Heat
  • Allows Vaporization at Lower Temp

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  • Carb CapsGlass Quartz Hand Blown Smoking Accessory Dab Tool


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