XVAPE XMAX is a brand that showcases the latest innovations in vaporizer technology. XVAPE has a goal to continue to provide high quality products with leading edge technology. The XVAPE brand products are exclusive to us and are NOT rebranded for others.


So where does XMAX come in? XMAX is also manufactured and designed by us with a slightly different philosophy.  These are retired styles that were formally under the XVAPE name, but our customers loved them so much we still continue to manufacture them today.  These products may also appear under other brands as they are also available for private branding.  Since XMAX originates from XVAPE, you can be assured they are of the same quality and innovation.

Every product by XVAPE & XMAX is an embodiment of our values, passion, and commitment to our customers.

Our core value at XVAPE & XMAX is we believe that customers have the right to enjoy innovative high quality products at reasonable price.

Cost is not our number one concern. In no particular order, we value product safety, quality of construction, quality of materials, and product functionality. This way of thinking is how we honor our products and our customers.