Dry Herb Vape Starter Kits & Replacement Parts

Dry Herb Vape Starter Kits from Slim Vape Pen are great to get you started with dry herb vape pens. We carry some of the best Dry Herb Kits on the market that offer great value and quality. If you are looking for a high quality Dry Herb Starter Kit for all your dry flowers and herbs, this is the place to look. These dry herb vape starter kits have exploded in popularity because the technology has evolved to allow a great vaporizer in a very small package, capable of an amazing vape, without the high price tag. People love them because they are very discrete, super portable and expels almost no odor. Its no wonder why these dry herb pen starter kits are one of the most popular vape starter kits out there, as they give you everything you need to start vaping, without having to piece together your dry herb pen.

What are a few good reasons to use a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

This type of vape is used to NOT burn ground material, but to vaporize it so that no toxins that are commonly present in smoke will enter a person’s lungs. The dry herb vape is aesthetically different to smoking as well as producing light vapor that is often not quite as noticeable as actually smoking.

How do you go about purchasing the vaporizer that fits your needs?

We recommend doing plenty of research as vaporizers may often look similar to each other. However, we assure you that many are packed with a variety of functionality that may or may not do what you are looking for. With choosing a dry herb vaporizer, we recommend going with a convection style device. This heating method will ensure you do not breathe in smoke while having an option to fit anyone’s budget. From $85 all the way up to $300, there are an array or features that you may want to understand first, before making your purchase. Buyer’s remorse is very common in this industry as there are many rookies who can pull the trigger and ask questions later. A few key points to watch for are: a removable battery. Batteries ware down over time therefore a replaceable battery can keep your vaporizer functioning as well as the day you bought it even if it is a year or more old. Next what is the vaporizer made of? Stay away from cheap plastic bodied vaporizers. Metal and ceramic are best.

What is the best temperature to vaporize with?

The best temperature to vaporize at can vary based on the type of herb and the person vaping it. If your herb has a low moisture level because you’ve had it awhile, it might require a slightly higher temperature. If you’re out in public and trying to be discreet, you should vape at a lower temperature—say, between 325 and 350 degrees F—to ensure less odor. And if you have any lung problems you should keep it below 375 degrees F.

If you’re at home and you want large vapor clouds, it’s safe to go up to 400 degrees or even higher if you like. Though 375 to 400 degrees is usually considered optimal..

What you need to know before purchasing a Dry Herb Vape Starter Kit or any other Vaporizer

That depends. Vaporizers for dry herbal blends come in two types: convection vaporizers, and conduction vaporizers. Both work very well, but it’s worth learning about the two types so you can get the best weed vaporizer for your needs.

Convection Vape— Is when the air is heated then forced through the chamber. Convection vaping is great because it heats up the herb evenly without any combustion at all, producing pure vapor. Many doctors recommend this type because it prevents heat from going into the lungs. The vapor is strong and flavorful.

Conduction Vape—Is where the chamber walls and or a coil heat the material.