Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about how long a nail should be torched or how long to let it cool down? Make that stress-free life a reality with Enails!


Enails provide numerous benefits over using other methods for heating your nail.

Safety – Without the necessity to use a flammable gas such as butane, dabbing is an undeniably safer experience. With an e Nail, you no longer have to work with an open flame.

Convenience – Dabbing with an e Nail is more relaxing, convenient and less hassle than using a torch. For one, all you need to dab is concentrates and a mains connection. Your days of making late-night trips to the store for replacement butane are over. And with an electric dab nail, you do not need to manually heat the nail between hits; simply set the temperature and dab at your leisure.

Cost Savings – The cost savings incurred also relate to the redundancy of butane when dabbing with an electric nail. If dabbing is your preferred method of smoking weed, you’ll know how fast a butane torch becomes empty, and how the cost of replacing them quickly adds up.

Assembling the Mini Enails

  1. Unscrew the eNail adapter from the heat shield.
  2. Place the eNail Adapter through the heating coil.
  3. Re-attach the heat shield and adapter
  4. Adjust the universal joint to fit either male or female.
  5. Plug the 5-prong socket at the end of the heating coil into the control box. Make sure you have lined up the arrow with the coil release “Push” button to secure it in place. You should hear it click into position.
  6. Hold down the middle button for 5 seconds to turn the unit on or off.
  7. Use the – and + buttons to set your desired temperature.
  8. When the digital screen displays your desired temperature, you are ready to dab.