Mile High Supplies carries a variety of Domeless Titanium Nails Plus Dabber Tools. All in Stock everyday and at Great LOW Prices!
Domeless Titanium Nails Plus Dabber Tools
Mile High Supplies offers a wide selection of Top Quality Domeless Titanium Nails Plus Dabber Tools! Including all sizes such as 14mm, 18mm and universal ones as well! Both Male Nail and Female Nail options available. Ceramic Nails and Glass Quartz Nails are in stock also, to ensure you find what you are looking for.  Nice alternative to the expensive e-nails (electric nail) that can be set to hold a specific temperature. Find the best selection of Stainless Steel Dab Tools. All products are Brand New & Shipped Carefully not to mention Discreetly, keeping your privacy in mind.

Shop the latest in Vape Nail advancements. Buy today and avoid paying more for the same product! Finally, feel free to contact us if you would like to check stock or to place a special order.